My name is Paul Averous and I’m quite fond of programming. I recently started working on my own independent projects, particularly projects around mangas and animes, although I am open to suggestions and new ideas, and have started to work on other things.

To program, I use Visual Studio Code (VSCode for short) and a python interpreter, as it is what I found was the most instinctive to learn, although when I don’y have access to my main unit, I use Python’s default IDLE.

Right now, I just finished working on an app called Arky’s Anime Ranking. The beta is out, and if you wish to participate, just fill in this form, or download it : I hold a journal of the creation of all my projects [Temporarily unavailable].

I have also just finished an app that enables you to download YouTube videos to MP3 and MP4, although for legal reasons, I will not publish it. I will still hold a journal about the process of creating the app [Temporarily unavailable].

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Nathan · April 1, 2020 at 21:47

Trop bien , meilleur dev ind√©pendant d’Euro occidental !

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